Mission and Vision


Learn to create. Influence change.

This is our mission statement—and our answer to how art and design impact our global society. Part call-to-action. Part promise. All opportunity.


A new model for art and design education in the 21st century.

ArtCenter’s visionary approach to art and design education is based on the College’s conservatory-like approach to teaching and learning; a desire for rich, intercultural and transdisciplinary dialogue; and a mandate to provide students innovative learning and making spaces.

Strategic Plan

Change. Growth. Innovation.

ArtCenter’s 2011-2016 strategic plan at once honors the College’s distinguished history and reimagines its future, shaping our vision into a new model for art and design education. To ensure ArtCenter’s continuing excellence, relevance and impact for decades to come, the plan has established three pillars which, in turn, will elevate all aspects of the College.

The Conservatory Spirit

ArtCenter’s reputation is built on the intensity of its degree programs, all of which depend upon the rigor and focus necessary to prepare students for professional excellence and leadership. This conservatory-like approach has been and will continue to be a central defining characteristic of an ArtCenter education. 

Convening Diverse Communities and Disciplines

We view diversity of human enterprise, experience and identity as essential elements of great learning, and our plan calls for policies, practices and pedagogical development in support of our beliefs. We draw strength from connecting individuals and communities, disciplines and practices, professional and critical discourse, history and theory, craft and science, technology and culture, industry and education. Convening new dialogues is central to the curriculum, the environment we hope to sustain, the access we hope to ensure for all deserving students, and the individuals we hope to recruit as professionals and volunteers.

New Spaces for Learning

ArtCenter must provide the most advanced learning environment possible through innovative, flexible and effective development of both physical and virtual spaces. Our plan calls for the design of new facilities and the application of sustainable practices that will support an expansion of the College with leading-edge technologies and new modes of practice. We seek to deepen student engagement in making and intellectual study, provide meaningful co-curricular experiences that support broad learning outcomes, stimulate reflection and spontaneous dialogue, foster social and civic responsibilities, and encourage life-long learning. We will initiate new pedagogical models through the use of technology that supports our goals for access and affordability and ensures that we enroll and retain the most talented and diverse student body possible.