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Azure magazine | January 2018

ArtCenter Gives Artists Edge in Creative Economy

Highlights ArtCenter's collaboration with manufacturer Bernhardt Design on a line of office furniture for millennials presented at ICFF in New York.

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Animation Career Review | January 2018

Top 10 Graphic Design Schools and Colleges on the West Coast


Fortune | December 2017

How Tesla and Elon Musk Are Designing a New Paradigm for Drivers

Transportation Design faculty member Tim Huntzinger is quoted throughout.

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Fast Company | December 2017

The Stylish Walker Could Help the Elderly Get Around

Product design student interviewed about a prototype addressing problems of current walkers.

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WIRED | November 2017

How Cubism Protected Warships in World War I

Graphic Design Dept Chair Nik Hafermaas on his inspiration for digital mural at the San Diego International Airport.

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Outlook | November 2017

ArtCenter Gives Artists Edge in Creative Economy

President Lorne Buchman and ArtCenter Board Chairman Bob Davidson interviewed.

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The Globe and Mail | November 2017

The Canadian remaking Infiniti

Alumnus Karim Habib is the mind shaping future designs at Nissan

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Archinect | November 2017

ArtCenter College of Design presents 15-year master plan designed by Michael Maltzan Architecture and Tina Chee Landscape Studio

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Pasadena Now | November 2017

All Autonomous Roads Lead to Pasadena

Graduate Transportation Systems and Design Faculty Tim Brewer, Lucian Rosca and alumnus Calvin Ku interviewed.

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Racked | November 2017

Sexism Is Rampant for Female Fashion Photographers

Dennis Keeley, chair of the photography and imaging department discusses rate negotiation and a slight majority of women students enrolled at ArtCenter.

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Fast Company | November 2017

Would You Carry Your Steering Wheel With You Everywhere Like A Phone?

Graduate Transportation Systems and Design Faculty Timothy Huntzinger comments on skeuomorphism and a Jaguar smart device connected to a fleet of autonomous vehicles.

Urbanize LA | October 2017

ArtCenter College of Design Moves Forward With Master Plan

The Pasadena school could add numerous buildings to its Gold Line-adjacent South Campus.

Dallas Observer | October 2017

Esther Pearl Watson Has Few Family Photos, So She Paints Her Memories Instead

“Awkward moments mixed with humor is one of my favorite narrative devices,”

Autoweek | October 2017

Art Center Car Classic 2017 is the Designer’s Choice

“…those manufacturer concepts served as reminders that more than half of the cars you see today, and more still of the cool cars you see today, came from Art Center graduates.”

Shoot | October 2017

Empress Studios Opens With All-Female Directorial Roster

Writer/director Montana Mann recently signed a TV development deal with Universal Studios.

TV Overmind | October 2017

George Lucas Owes the Look and Feel of Star Wars to One Person

McQuarrie said his work with Star Wars “was the best job an artist ever had.”

Automotive News | October 2017

Two-tone cars are back in vogue

Stewart Reed quoted on the value of choices for car buying consumers.

Petrolicious | October 2017

Meet The Petrolicious Team This Sunday At The ArtCenter Car Classic

...many of the people you’ll encounter will be designers themselves, who are accomplished, aspiring, or otherwise simply enthralled with the form of the automobile.


Interior Design | September 2017

ArtCenter and USC students will create a multi-faceted design to animate MoCA’s plaza and Grand Avenue entry experience in downtown L.A.

Times of San Diego | September 2017

1,600-Foot Digital Art Installation ‘DAZZLE’s New Rental Car Center

“It represents a living, breathing demonstration of what could become a radical transformation of building facades around the world,” said Nik Hafermaas, who chairs the graphic design department at ArtCenter College of Design.


L.A. Daily News | September 2017

ArtCenter’s new podcast ‘Change Lab’ is about learning something new

Pasadena Now | September 2017

ArtCenter College of Design Launches Change Lab Podcast Exploring the Transformative Power of Creativity

Car and Driver

Car and Driver | August 2017

What Would a Genesis GT Car Look Like in 2025? The Automaker and ArtCenter Students Give Us a Peek

“Genesis is an all-new brand, which makes it an exciting blank slate for any designer.”


Forbes | August 2017

My Summer Internship at Forbes

Interaction Designer Klaire Tsai writes about earning her degree at ArtCenter and the value of her internship at a media company.


KCET Artbound | August 2017

Eclipse Exhibition Grapples with Mankind’s Ongoing Fascination with the Celestial Event

Co-Curator Stephen Nowlin and Graduate Art faculty member Lita Albuquerque discuss the poetics of an eclipse.


KCRW DnA | August 2017

LA designers Margo Chase and Clive Piercy remembered

A remembrance by Graduate Graphic Design Executive Director Sean Adams.

San Francisco Chronicle | July 2017

The Brainiest Train in California

ArtCenter’s Rollin Homer describes the Gold Line as “our extended classroom.” “We’re embracing it—we’re going to live and create alongside it.”

Variety | July 2017

Sundance Film Festival 2018 Logo Unveiled

“The concept was led by a group of students including Andy Gutierrez, Michelle Lee and Charles Lin and came out of a three-day brainstorm and creation session last spring…”

WIRED | July 2017

Tesla Model 3 More Than Electric

Geoff Wardle quoted on how the vehicle’s simplicity gives it longevity. The piece calls the new car “virtually futureproof. If Tesla's engineering team has a good idea and can write the software, they can give the car new abilities with the tap of a touchscreen.”

NPR | July 2017

Tesla Bets Big on a Mass Market Electric Car

Quotes Geoff Wardle about the adoption of battery technology being unlikely without continued major government subsidies, which essentially “consigns batteries to a suboptimal solution.”

Los Angeles Daily News | July 2017

ArtCenter Exhibit Revolves Around Aug. 21 Eclipse

“…your mind will be boggled by its artistic, scientific and cultural reach…”

Los Angeles Times | July 2017

The obituary for influential graphic designer Margo Chase

“She was beloved in the design community at large and will be missed. Our thoughts are with her family and friends during this difficult time.”

Colorado Blvd | July 2017

An Old Problem in a New Context

Coverage of ArtCenter’s Women in Industrial Design Forum highlights the field as “…a dynamic industry that needs to balance design and development, vision and practicality, right-brain and left-brain thinking.”


New York Times | June 2017

Envisioning the Car of the Future as a Living Room on Wheels

At ArtCenter College of Design in Los Angeles — one of the world’s premier automotive design schools — 14 students recently worked on creating new concepts for a future vehicle interior whose occupants would no longer be shackled by the need to drive.


Philanthropy News Digest | June 2017

ArtCenter College of Design Receives $2 Million Gift

"As pervasive as human language, typography has become a more critical agent as digital technologies transform our lives,” said Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography executive director Gloria A. Kondrup.


USA Today | June 2017

Wheels When You Need Them in the Gig Economy

“alternative ownership is something that all the automakers — whether they like it or not — are studying or beta testing,” said Transportation Design instructor Eric Noble.


Fast Company | May 2017

Where Design Education Needs to Go Next

Students should learn through social innovation—but they also have to understand design’s limitations, says ArtCenter’s Mariana Amatullo.

Metropolis Magazine

Metropolis Magazine | May 2017

Three Women Designers Blasting Through NASA’s Glass Ceiling

The ArtCenter campus happens to be less than a ten-minute drive from JPL—appealing to someone who had always been fascinated by science.

Autoblog Magazine

Autoblog | May 2017

The List: 1001 Car Things To Do Before You Die

The List hosts learn the entire vehicle design process from start to finish and try their hand at designing their very own car at ArtCenter College of Design.

PC Magazine

PC Magazine | March 2017

Inside the School That's Designing Your Next Car (and Wearable)

Prominent alumni are everywhere, from Apple (Clement Mok) and Nike (Martin Lotti) to Tesla (Franz von Holzhausen) and NASA (Jessie Kawata).


KCRW | March 2017

KCRW's popular 5 design things to do this week featured the Department of Illustration’s Land of Enchantment exhibition.


WIRED | February 2017

America Has Its Problems, But Design Can Help Solve Them

Designmatters created Es Tiempo, a campaign encouraging women to get annual checkups when the Jacaranda trees common to Los Angeles bloom each spring.

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Caltech Magazine | January 2017

Politics and American Higher Ed

ArtCenter president Lorne Buchman noted that his institution has a responsibility “to reach into communities where students would never even dream of what it might mean to have a career in art design and create some kind of bridge for them to get there.”


USA Today | January 2017

Innovative Devices Help Commuters Go the Last Mile

“…transportation now should be viewed holistically. We are completely agnostic about what type of transportation we work on,” says ArtCenter’s Geoff Wardle.

la_weekly.jpgLA Weekly | October 2016

How Joy Division Ended Up in a Data Art Show — Twice

“It's almost like a cultural meme, that's kind of like a living thing that we see everywhere. It's just a fascinating cultural phenomenon,” said ArtCenter’s Brad Bartlett, who curated Double Data: Typography + Data Visualization at the Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography


Animation Career Review | October 2016

Much Anticipated: Q&A with Guillaume Aretos & Marlon Nowe of Art Center’s New Character Animation Program

“… Our goal is to create the best animation program in the world. ”


WIRED | October 2016

In the Self-Driving Future, Cars are the New Arcades

To explore that future, students at ArtCenter (whose alumni include big name car designers at BMW, Lexus, and others) ignored the technical challenges of autonomy, and focused on how riding in these cars will feel.


Los Angeles Times | October 2016

Elon Musk Wants to Sell You a Better-Looking Solar Roof

“People spend a lot of time trying to create an attractive home. They don’t want funny glass boxes stuck on one side of their roof.”— Andy Ogden, chairman, industrial design graduate program, ArtCenter College of Design


Elle Décor | September 2016

Making the Grade

To give students a competitive edge, design schools partner with major firms on innovative programs that bring real-world challenges into the classroom.

Over the years, the [ArtCenter] collaboration has produced some of Bernhardt’s best-selling tables and chairs.


Interior Design | August 2016

5 Boundary-Pushing Landscapes and Installations

On the cover: Street artist, RISK, channeled the colors of Keith Haring for one of the painted murals composing ArtCenter College of Design’s “OutsideIn.” 


KCET Artbound | August 2016

Metro's Art-filled Stations Enliven the Transportation Experience

Ann Field, chair of the illustration department at ArtCenter College of Design thinks of New York and the subway art world that gave rise to the career of Keith Haring. It was Haring, who painted a mural for the school near the end of his life, who served as the inspiration for Art Center's "OutsideIn" project.


KCRW | August 2016

In Pebble Beach, Rare Cars Trump Luxury

“…almost every modern car designer graduated from their [ArtCenter’s] program, and eventually makes their own pilgrimage to the greatest car week of the year.”


Stanford Social Innovation Review | August 2016

Designers’ Evolving Roles in Government

How can the public sector create a culture that's friendly to human-centered design?


Huffington Post | August 2016

The Urbanature Exhibit Celebrating San Gabriel Valley


Interior Design | August 2016

Madworkshop’s First Installation by Sonia Lui at MOCA Advocates Human Interaction


Stanford Social Innovation Review | July 2016

Diving In: Nonprofits, NGOs, and Design
A dialogue about how nonprofits can do a better job integrating design thinking into their work.


The Architect’s Newspaper | June 2016

MADWORKSHOP Unveils “Sanke,” an Outdoor Furniture Installation at MOCA

“Furnishings will play a critical role in bridging the gap between technology and the possibilities for new behaviors in outdoor space.”


Wall Street Journal | May 2016

Design students push office formality further back in the rearview mirror


Huffington Post | May 2016

Design driven startups from the heart


Korea Times | May 2016

DreamWorks hires illustration major


Wall Street Journal | May 2016

Nathan Allen and Geoff Wardle on how battery-powered rides could transform your commute


KCRW | May 2016

Geoff Wardle on the vision for the Hyperloop


Los Angeles magazine | May 2016

Why ArtCenter’s auto design program is one of the most influential on the planet


Cartoon Brew | April 2016

Shrek Production Designer Appointed Chair of ArtCenter’s Entertainment Design Department


KPCC | May 2016

ArtCenter students envision future mobility


Documentary | April 2016

Where Virtual Reality Prototypes Are Hatched
ArtCenter’s Anne Burdick on collaborations with Intel and Jaguar


Motor Trend | April 2016

ArtCenter team imagines an Apple car and the future of self-driving vehicles


Design Arts Daily | April 2016

Honoring ArtCenter designers whose impact has shaped Apple’s aesthetic identity


NPR | March 2016

ArtCenter’s Geoff Wardle on the road to self-driving cars: carmakers have a lot of work to do to convince consumers.


Dice | March 2016

Civic Technologist Alum Michael Manalo “Storytelling is really important…it resonates across forms.”


Charter World | March 2016

Student named Young Designer of the Year by world-class yacht designers and builders


The Drive | March 2016

“For car design, our country’s hit-factory is ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena.”


The New York Times | February 2016

“Stewart Reed has a front-row seat to aesthetic shifts in the industry, as chairman of the transportation design program at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, Calif., one of the car industry’s top incubators of global design talent.”


Bloomberg | January 2016

Brilliant Ideas profiles Diana Thater, pioneering creator of video, film and installation art.


DesignIntelligence | January 2016

America's Best Architecture & Design Schools 2016

ArtCenter ranks #1 for Industrial Design


Dice | January 2016

Getting Into Responsive Web Design

“…professionals who succeed understand the workflow of everyone involved in the build”


KCRW | November 2015

Tyrone Drake Redesigns the Black Panthers’ Ten-Point Plan


W | November 2015

Political Animals: Two female-centric museum shows spring up this fall


The New York Times Style Magazine | November 2015

In L.A., Female Video Artists Reign


Los Angeles Confidential | November 2015

LACMA Unveils Its Largest Exhibit Dedicated to a Female Artist


The Wall Street Journal | November 2015

“Known for projects that explore nature and the cosmos, Diana Thater is the focus of Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s largest exhibition focused on a female artist”


The Architect's Newspaper | November 2015

Michael Maltzan unveils his city-minded Art Center master plan in Pasadena


Fortune | October 2015

Metamason is a startup incubated at the Design Accelerator, a joint venture between Caltech and ArtCenter College of Design


KTLA | October 2015

ArtCenter’s Michael Scheffe discusses his design work on the Back to the Future movie trilogy.


Core77 | September 2015

Building A Rubber Band-Powered Race for the Ages

Designing ArtCenter's beloved Formula E(lastic) car competition


Pasadena Star-News | September 2015

The mantra was “Let’s make Blake super human!”

These 3 ArtCenter projects could represent the future in wearable tech


ABC TV | August 2015

“…the company put out a challenge to transportation design students at ArtCenter College of Design to design a sleek sports car for 2030.”


Good Magazine | August 2015

A Simple Device Making Menstruation Safer for Girls Living in Poverty


Los Angeles Times | July 2015

To brainstorm ideas for designing the new clinic, administrators also enlisted the help of students from the ArtCenter College of Design


Sunset magazine | July 2015

“Pasadena has made an extraordinary commitment to the arts,”


Los Angeles Times | June 2015

Looking to steer Latinos into auto design


FastCo | June 2015

“Great design thinks about the business, the planet, the users that are going to be impacted by those decisions.”


The Wall Street Journal | April 2015

“She is a born teacher,” said Lorne Buchman, the president of ArtCenter, where Mr. Heavin is on the board of trustees. “I think that drives everything she does, whether it is the publication of a book, or setting up an international business.”


Los Angeles magazine | April 2015

How Students Are Transforming a Pasadena Campus With Social Media


Arroyo Magazine | March 2015

ArtCenter’s Experimental Frame in Spain

Students devised and built a sustainable igloo-shaped pavilion on the Costa Brava.


PRI’s The World | February 2015

“Kenji Ekuan was very involved in a kind of international design aesthetic and in the importance of designers all speaking to each other and learning from each other. He was at that point very much a kind of sage of design,” says ArtCenter’s Mark Breitenberg.


The New York Times | January 2015

For Flight Attendants, High Fashion Goes the Way of Free Peanuts

ArtCenter’s Karen Hofmann discusses airline branding through wearables.


Automobile Magazine | December 2014

So you want to break into the automotive industry

“…if car design is your specific goal, then ArtCenter is the Promised Land.”


CNN | December 2014

New transportation will blow your hair back

ArtCenter’s Maggie Hendrie discusses innovations influencing the future of travel.


Design Arts Daily | March 2014

“Tape Classified at ArtCenter…outclasses anything currently up in New York.”


NBC Southern California | March 2014

“This city serves three world-class tech institutions; Caltech, JPL and ArtCenter College of Design.”


PureWow | February 2014

Ray of Light: A museum show devoted to modernism’s lady genius


Huffington Post | February 2014

“The first Barbie TV commercial is actually the first time that TV advertising is really aimed directly at the child”


Design Intelligence | February 2014

“CalTech and ArtCenter College of Design have taken the additional step of establishing the “Design Accelerator,” an incubator for design-based startups.” 


Core77 | January 2014

Imagine Dieter Rams Showing Up at Your Final Design School Crit