Graduate Transportation Systems and Design

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Graduate Transportation Systems and Design

Develop compelling, sustainable and viable transportation and mobility solutions for an inspired future.

Our Master of Science program has been designed to attract students passionate about the automotive industry and the expansive field of transportation and personal mobility. The innovative curriculum encourages creativity and strategic thinking to create compelling transportation solutions for the automotive industry at a systems level, rather than a product level.

Because design brings value well beyond the areas of product and service development, our curriculum encompasses a combination of design methodology, strategic innovation, systems thinking, customer-driven research and entrepreneurial practices. The program’s community of students—often with prior degrees in design, architecture, urban planning, business, engineering, anthropology and economics—brings diverse perspectives and stimulates the transdisciplinary culture essential to advance the future of transportation design.

This course of study encourages graduates to become agents of change within design studios and manufacturers, as well as organizations responsible for transportation systems solutions at the national, state and local levels.

Be at the forefront of transportation design thinking and prepare to enter a dramatically changing field.

Earn a masters degree in Transportation Systems and Design.

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Transportation Systems and Design

There’s an urgent need for a new kind of transportation designer, one who understands that the real value of design stretches way beyond styling. This is what Transportation Systems and Design is all about.

Geoff WardleChair, Transportation Systems and Design

Take the next step toward a career designing transportation systems.