Sponsored Projects

Bringing industry partners into the classroom.

ArtCenter’s wide range of Educational Partnerships brings industry partners into the classroom, bridging academic and professional practices through hands-on collaboration. The benefits are two-fold: our students gain real-world experience working with corporations and civic organizations; and our partners gain the freedom to explore blue sky approaches to specific design challenges.

ArtCenter’s first such partnership dates back to the 1950s when few other schools were connecting students to industry―and we’ve been leading the way ever since. Over the course of one year, ArtCenter collaborated with 25 different partners to explore a diverse range of topics, from the future of air travel to new medical devices to a branded experience for the Special Olympics.

Educational Partnerships offers one-of-a-kind opportunities for engagement between students and external organizations:

Sponsored Projects
Classroom-based collaboration between design education and industry partners.

Immersive three-day workshops, applying an intensive design methodology to identify new business opportunities.

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Educational Partnership Packages

Power in Partnership: Industry Collaboration Prepares Students for Success

Educational Partnerships

Our Educational Partnerships provide hallmark programs that simulate professional studio environments and expose students to a broad spectrum of industries, global cultures and professional practices.