ArtCenter Exhibitions

ArtCenter Exhibitions is a mosaic of public-facing curated spaces that connect art and design with the social, scientific, humanitarian and poetic dimensions of our time. Its programs seek to ignite emotional resonance, provoke intellectual dissonance and conjure unexpected pathways of thinking.

ArtCenter’s primary gallery spaces include:

Alyce de Roulet Williamson Gallery — The College’s standard-bearer for exhibitions, the Williamson Gallery at Hillside Campus features world-class exhibitions, many of which focus on the intersection of art and science.

ArtCenter DTLA — Located along Gallery Row in downtown Los Angeles, this flexible, multipurpose space provides a platform of exhibitions, lectures, projects and workshops that intersect the College with the public in a dynamic setting.

Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography (HMCT) — Displaying notable work in typography, letterform design and visual communication, HMCT houses three exhibition spaces at South Campus, including the South Campus Gallery, the HMCT Storefront and the Archival Showcases.

Peter and Merle Mullin Gallery — Situated in the lobby of the 1111 building at South Campus, the Mullin Gallery presents a diverse range of media, from intimately scaled works of art to automobiles.


Stephen Nowlin

Vice President, ArtCenter Exhibitions and Director, Williamson Gallery
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Julie Joyce

Senior Curator, ArtCenter Exhibitions
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Christina Valentine

Program Director, ArtCenter DTLA
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Exhibitions at ArtCenter

We're in a new era of exhibitions at ArtCenter.

Stephen NowlinVice President, ArtCenter Exhibitions and Director, Williamson Gallery

The scope of the Exhibitions Department extends beyond ArtCenter’s formal exhibition spaces to include indoor or outdoor locations that showcase long-term or pop-up displays of artwork curated outside of the College’s degree programs.

These additional exhibition spaces include:

Hillside Student Gallery —A testament to the professional education our students receive, this exhibition space showcases a rotating selection of projects that exemplify our undergraduate programs.

Hutto-Patterson Exhibition Hall —A dramatic, light-filled gallery in the visual arts building at South Campus showcases work created by students, faculty and visiting artists.

Outside In murals —Commissioned as part of the College’s celebrated, dual-campus 2015 exhibition Outside In, murals created by street artists RISK and Kenny Scharf enhance the exterior of South Campus.

Keith Haring mural — Painted on-site in 1989 in conjunction with the second annual World AIDS Day, Haring’s mural remains a vivid source of inspiration to students seeking to make a social or cultural impact.

Petersen Automotive Museum —Located in West L.A. and renovated in 2014, the Petersen now includes a 2,000 square foot exhibition space and satellite studio showcasing the intricacies of transportation design.

Sculpture Garden — A sprawling lawn at the Hillside Campus with a view of the San Gabriel mountains contains a handful of permanent, landscape adorning sculptures.

Williamson Gallery director reflects on his many moons—and exhibits—at ArtCenter

Sculpture Garden at ArtCenter

ArtCenter Exhibitions offers programming that fosters intercultural and cross-disciplinary dialogue.

The Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography: Two Years, Two Paths, One Destiny