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Photography continues to be the most essential component of conveying stories in a world with an insatiable need to be informed.

Image-makers today are challenged to be more technically capable, conceptually knowledgeable, professionally confident, ethically responsible and culturally aware than ever before. ArtCenter offers an intimate and intense atmosphere of study that challenges assumptions about our medium, nurtures and promotes originality, and encourages individualized practice in student work, whether your goal is to become a commercial photographer, an artist, or both.

Within a rich transdisciplinary educational environment, the Photography and Imaging Department is taking photographers into the future. Our strong relationships with industry, long tradition of integrating photography with other design disciplines, and deep experience designing new technologies and applying creative solutions to social impact problems have opened professional doors for countless graduates. Here, you learn to apply the tools of photography—traditional and digital—in a specific and personal investigation of cultural conditions or questions.

Lighting the Past: Alumna Tahnee Cracchiola Brings Antiquity to Life, One Photograph at a Time

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Photography and Imaging

student setting up food for a photoshoot
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Food Photography

In this comprehensive overview of contemporary food photography, students study the characteristics of food, concept development, as well as lighting and styling techniques.

New technologies and a global population consumed by social media have turned photography on its head. The profession now demands a daunting versatility for survival.

Dennis KeeleyChair, Photography and Imaging

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