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Professional Education

Since its inception, ArtCenter has focused on giving artists and designers the skills they need to succeed in business.

This founding principle remains part of our ethos today, and is just one reason why the College’s attention to your professional education extends well beyond the classroom.

With a suite of resources and activities focused on leadership, commerce, industry trends and strategies—offered in conjunction with academic leadership, trailblazing alumni and industry partners—ArtCenter’s inspiring professional educational programs are designed to support students and alumni seeking to launch startups, build businesses, develop professional expertise and navigate new career pathways.

Student and Alumni Programs

Creative Entrepreneurship

Our BOLD series —symposia, workshops, lectures and more—will provide you with inspiration, practical guidance and networking opportunities.

Creative Leadership

Participate in workshops and explore new approaches to management, whether you head up a small organization or a large business.

Creative Practice

Re-energize your creative and professional practice in workshops like Re/Boot Camp and Creative Strategies led by ArtCenter faculty.

Design Panels

In-depth conversations with experts will catch you up on emerging trends, skills and technologies.

Professional Consultations

Develop your professional network and build personalized strategies to fulfill your career goals.

Women in Art and Design

Join us as we celebrate and highlight the impact women have had on the fields of art and design.

Student Programs

Dot Launch

Explore the possibilities of entrepreneurship an online hub that helps you identify relevant classes, programs, events and external resources.

Launch Lab

Fund, launch and scale new ventures with this startup accelerator program for graduating students.

Career and Professional Development

We also partner with ArtCenter’s long-established Career and Professional Development office to provide you with additional support, including career counseling, job referral and talent acquisition, and career planning workshops.


Kristine Bowne

Vice President, Professional Development and Industry Engagement

626 396-2474

Robbie Nock

Director, Entrepreneurship and Professional Practice

626 396-4212

Be inspired! Attend one of our upcoming lectures or workshops

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Dot Launch

Check out our hub for student entrepreneurs

Riot Games visits ArtCenter
Career and Professional Development

Navigate your creative career and connect to industry

BOLD: The ArtCenter Symposium for Creative Entrepreneurs

Creative Strategies book by ArtCenter faculty Frido Beisert reveals the College’s “secret sauce”

Professional Development and Industry Engagement

ArtCenter’s Professional Development and Industry Engagement programs expand the range of opportunities available for our students, alumni and industry partners.