Today’s illustrators are problem-solvers, conceptualizers and multifunctional artists whose work reaches across traditional and emerging media.

Illustration once meant creating artwork to accompany stories in books, newspapers and magazines. It now means so much more. It is about telling stories, conveying ideas and creating imagery for an array of commercial and social impact projects. Illustration’s unique ability to define social, political and cultural ideas makes it an ideal solution for an unparalleled scope of creative and communications projects.

ArtCenter’s Illustration curriculum encompasses a wide range of core studies and collaborations with other disciplines that equips students with strong practical skills, as well as substantial business knowledge. After mastering foundations skills such as figure drawing, painting and perspective, students choose from five main areas of specialization: Illustration Design, Illustration/Fine Art, Entertainment Arts, Motion Design and Surface Design.

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I see a new power on the move: The triumph of the handmade, manmade individual work with a voice.

Ann FieldChair, Illustration

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