ArtCenter does not have dormitories…yet. But we would like to assist you in your search for housing.

Although ArtCenter does not offer on-campus housing, the CSE (Center for the Student Experience) coordinates information regarding local housing and roommate options. These resources are available for prospective, admitted and current students and includes a variety of living arrangements including rooms within homes, guest houses, apartments and houses for rent, as well as information about the utilities, amenities, rental costs and landlord contact information for each listing.

Option 1: Visit ArtCenter’s off-campus housing website to create a profile, search local listings and connect with other students looking for a roommate.

Option 2: Recently admitted students can receive a guest login through Admissions or the Center for the Student Experience to access all resources on the site. Current students can use their ArtCenter login information.

Option 3: ArtCenter also partners with Universal Student Housing Services, which offers international and out-of-state students affordable housing in the homes of approved local families and individuals.

Option 4: There are physical advertisements posted on the “Housing Resources” bulletin board at the Hillside Campus, as well as an Off-Campus Housing Facebook group that advertises room/house shares and apartments for rent. 

Important note: ArtCenter does not investigate the quality or safety of the housing options available, nor does it involve itself in disputes between landlords and students. 

Students should never send money or give access to financial accounts to any landlord or person claiming to be responsible for a property without first seeing the property in person and carefully reviewing all details of a lease agreement.

For questions regarding housing, please contact the Center for the Student Experience by email or phone 626 396-2323.

Housing Price Ranges

Housing prices vary a great deal depending on location and quality, but as a general rule, housing can be found within the following price ranges:

  • 1 Bedroom in a house or apartment: $500–900/month
  • Studio Apartment: $8001,200/month
  • 1-Bedroom Apartment: $900–1,400/month
  • 2-Bedroom Apartment: $1,2002,300/month
  • 3-Bedroom Apartment or House: $1,900–3,000/month

Due to the increasing cost of transportation, paying more for a room closer to ArtCenter's campus may have financial advantages over paying less for housing accommodations farther away. It is important to begin your housing search as early as possible to become familiar with the neighborhoods of Pasadena and other nearby towns.

Tenant Tips and Responsibilities

  1. Get it in writing. You should look the premises over and document in writing any agreements made between you and your landlord for repairs or cleaning that need to be done prior to move in. If you are renting a room in a home, have the owner put any house rules or stipulations in your lease.
  2. Take pictures. Before you move any of your belongings into your new home, take pictures (documenting carpet condition, appliances, windows and window coverings, etc.). This is a good way to protect yourself when you move out. Provide a set for your landlord and keep one set for yourself.
  3. Be sure to ask what utilities are included and which ones will be additional. Typically the tenant is responsible for Gas and Electric but some renters/landlords might also ask the tenant to pay water and trash. 
  4. Know what the length of your lease is. If you decide to move out before your lease is up, it is likely you will not receive your deposit back and may be subject to legal action.
  5. If you move in with roommates, know who is on the lease and what it means if one of you moves out. In fact it is a good idea to have a written agreement between all of your roommates on issues such as how to return a deposit to someone moving out early, who is responsible if damage happens to the property, etc.
  6. Make sure you keep copies of all your rental documents in a file, you may need them when you decide to move out to ensure you get your full deposit returned to you.
  7. For additional tips on housing tips and suggestions in dealing with roommates, bills and rentals agreements, please visit the Roommate Center.
  8. If you will not have a vehicle, make sure to ask landlords if their property is within walking distance to ArtCenter or public transportation. ArtCenter is easily accessible via the Metro Gold Line, Pasadena Transit and our own shuttle that runs between campuses. Check out your transportation options.

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