Transportation systems designers are leading the way toward a future of sustainable mobility solutions. 

We equip designers to envision integrated transportation systems, not just technologies that solve parts of the problem. Our holistic approach to tackling complex transportation issues is two-fold: we innovate new ways of addressing the issue’s underlying economic and social factors; and we determine the systems and technologies that will lead us to a cleaner and more sustainable future. With giants like Google and Apple engaging the emerging arena of autonomous and alternative-fueled cars, as well as the growth of mobility challenged areas around the world, our graduates are poised to become leaders in this dynamic sector of the innovation economy.  

Transportation Design / Careers

  • Public transit design
  • Transit and urban planning
  • Transportation product strategy
  • Automotive design strategist
  • Specialist vehicle design
  • Interior and exterior automotive design
  • Automotive concept design

Career and Professional Development

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ArtCenter Alumni Employers
Source: LinkedIn “Where they work” (January 14, 2016)

ArtCenter students pave the road into the future of autonomous cars

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