Course of Study

True to its name, our program prepares students to design the future of transportation.

Our multi-disciplinary program combines social science, urban planning and policy with engineering and design to equip students to envision mobility solutions to today’s transportation challenges.

The typical length of study for the MS in Transportation Systems and Design is six full terms, and the program may be completed in two years.

Students must take the first four terms consecutively, after which they are encouraged to find an appropriate internship.

Curriculum subject to change.

Vehicle and Transportation Product Development 1
Vehicle and Transportation Systems Architecture 1
Customer-centered Research 2
Concept and Systems Design Studio 3
Digital Skills 3
Transportation Histories and Futures Part 1 1
Visual Communications–Fundamentals OR Visual Communications–Advanced 3
Introduction to Interaction Design 1
Transportation Histories and Futures Part 2 2
Visual Communications–Fundamentals 2 OR Visual Communications–Advanced 2 3
Future Scenarios Development 1
Interaction Design Studio Part 1 3
Professional Development and Strategic Presentation 2
Basic Skills Portfolio Review 0
Product Development and Manufacturing Technology 1
Advanced Concept and Systems Design Studio 3
Interaction Design Studio Part 2 3
Business and Politics of the Transportation Industry 1
Design Strategy Studio 3
Urban Form and Systems Design Studio 1 3
Graduation Strategy 3
Electives 3
Urban Form and Systems Design Studio 2 6
Thesis Project Preparation 3
Electives 3
Thesis Development Studio 6
Electives 6
Thesis Development Studio 6
Thesis Writing Studio 3
Completed Thesis 0
Electives 3
Total Required Units 82