PLO 1: Systems Thinking

Students will learn:

  • A reflexive methodology of considering and understanding transportation projects from a holistic, high-altitude perspective, before figuring out how to frame up the challenge and opportunities at hand around which to create solutions
  • Appropriate knowledge of Systems Engineering Students are required to have a basic understanding of the principles that systems engineers would use in their work.

PLO 2: Professional Practice and Thought leadership

Students will learn:

  • Contemporary and predictive knowledge of ethics
  • Contemporary and predictive knowledge of sustainability
  • To be in the habit of developing points of view about major issues around the world of transportation (and adapting them as their understanding becomes more sophisticated)
  • Prepared to consider other points of view
  • Design and critical thinking with an empirical/holistic approach to solving problems across the complete transportation field from macro to micro scale

PLO 3: Culture of Teamwork

Students will master:

  • interdisciplinary cooperation and communication skills with experts and non-experts

PLO 4: Research + Development

Students will learn to:

  • Systematically conduct human, cultural and technological research to identify and develop design strategies.
  • Become expert at researching end-users needs, expectations and aspirations through methodological customer-centered research practices
  • Historical awareness of transportation through the ages - particularly during the industrial age To be conversant with current and emerging technologies
  • Develop an innate understanding of the social, political and economic realities of the world of transportation
  • To use the tools preferred by professional futurists, to develop a range of valid and appropriate future scenarios within which to frame their design solutions

PLO 5: User Experience

Students will learn:

  • The importance of how end-users will interact with transportation systems, vehicles, services and brands
  • How to analyze, explore, experiment with, prototype and validate experiential aspects of their design proposals

PLO 6: Strategic Product Development

Students will be required to:

  • Successfully employ the design process to identify problems and investigate, conceptualize and generate relevant solutions to problems gleamed for research insights
  • The ability to present such solutions in a clear way to a variety of audiences in a format(s) most effective for the end goal