Academic Resources

Office of the Provost

The responsibilities of the Provost's office extend across all academic departments—Undergraduate and Graduate programs, Public Programs, Designmatters, Student Affairs, Student Life, Faculty Affairs, Faculty Development, Academic Affairs, Academic Advising, Institutional Research, Industry and Alumni Relations, Career and Professional Development, Exchange and Study Away, Enrollment Services, Exhibitions and the College Library—anything that touches the education of our students and the support of our faculty. 

The collective knowledge of everyone involved in these departments is enormous. This section of the website introduces each area’s mission and primary functions. It is not a handbook or manual, rather a means of sharing information pertaining to such resources as Academic Affairs, Assessment, Accreditation and others. 

To achieve and sustain excellence in education, we challenge students and faculty to take risks in acquiring and disseminating new forms of knowledge. ArtCenter possesses a forward-looking, nimble approach to learning, allowing us to respond swiftly to cultural and technical changes in art, design and the world around us. 

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