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ArtCenter Online is a new online portal that will provide prospective students, aspiring designers, industry professionals and our AlumNetwork with access to the depth of educational experiences that ArtCenter is known for around the world.

ArtCenter is pleased to announce our first fully online course, Professional Car Design: The Basics. As you can imagine, it’s not easy to capture the magic of ArtCenter in an online environment, but we're off to a pretty good start.

As you probably know, ArtCenter College of Design has a legacy of educating and developing many of the most prolific and influential transportation designers of the past 70 years. We've developed the content of this course to be a great entry point into the world of transportation design with the same educational rigor and standards that we expect from our students on campus.


The Bruce Heavin Media Production Studio is the heart of our new ArtCenter Online initiative.

What will you learn?

Professional Car Design: The Basics is a seven-week course designed for students interested in learning the fundamentals of car design. Students will use geometric shapes, light and shadow, and perspective to create speed forms, ultimately learning about five of the standard car types and how to sketch original vehicles of their very own.

Lesson 1: Primer
Lesson 2: Perspective and Geo Forms, Part 1
Lesson 3: Perspective and Geo Forms, Part 2
Lesson 4: Modifying Geo Forms
Lesson 5: Speed Forms
Lesson 6: Basic Car Construction
Lesson 7: Side-View Car Sketches

During this first course, students will develop a strong foundation to begin their transportation journey, preparing themselves for future educational experiences from ArtCenter Online.

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