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Immersive virtual learning for applied art and design.

ArtCenter Online is your gateway to a world-class art and design education, reimagined for remote learners. No matter your schedule, location, or level, our program provides access to renowned expertise, artistry and a state-of-the-art learning experience.

Take your creativity to the next level:

  • Expertise: Learn from working professionals using the renowned ArtCenter approach.
  • Inspiration: Discover and develop your own voice as a designer.
  • Community: Connect with a network of fellow aspiring artists and designers.
  • Development: Refine your skills and build a body of work through instructor-led critique and peer feedback.


Our library of virtual courses is always growing. Currently, we're proud to offer three distinct pathways to experience one of the school's most popular concentrations.

Take the course for a test drive: For a limited time, we're offering the first lesson for free.

One course. Three ways to learn. Choose a path based on your individual needs and goals:

Professional Car Design: The Basics, Live Interaction
Get real-time faculty feedback

Our most structured, rigorous offering, this 9-week course replicates the classroom experience with weekly lessons, live sessions and real-time feedback from ArtCenter faculty. Students emerge with a competitive portfolio vetted by industry professionals. This course includes:

  • Live kick-off session with instructor and class
  • Weekly assignment critique by instructor
  • Project feedback and correspondence with peers
  • All skill workshops in one comprehensive lesson plan
  • Mentorship videos by ArtCenter faculty and Transportation Design veterans
  • Your own ArtCenter Sketchbook
  • Live wrap-up session with instructor and class

Price: $699 *Special introductory price

Professional Car Design: The Basics, Self-Paced
Go at your own pace

Designed with flexibility in mind, this track allows access to the full, 9-week course to complete on your own schedule, without faculty feedback. Students practice at their own pace, building proficiency in core concepts and key skills. This course includes:

  • All skill workshops in one comprehensive lesson plan
  • Mentorship videos by ArtCenter faculty and Transportation Design veterans
  • Your own ArtCenter Sketchbook.

Price: $189

Skills Workshops
Learn one skill at a time

Designed for those looking for a more manageable time commitment, this track allows students to take the course, one skill at a time. These two to three-lesson workshops are created for students interested in exploring the world of transportation design, or for professionals looking to practice or pivot their current skill set.

  • Skill-specific workshops led by professional transportation designers and instructors
  • Multi-camera skill demonstration videos

Available Workshops:

  • Workshop 1: Intro to Sketching, $49
  • Workshop 2: Modified Shapes & Speed Forms, $69
  • Workshop 3: Basic Vehicle Construction, $69
  • Workshop 4: Professional Side-View Sketches, $69

Instructors & Industry Experts

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Woman drawing at desk with car drawings behind her

The Bruce Heavin Media Production Studio: A new online initiative to lead art and design education into the digital future.

This is my favorite online course I've ever taken. Everything was so easy to use and self-explanatory — this course was phenomenal.

JoshuaArtCenter Online student

Revved Up: Women in Transportation Design Gain Momentum

Students who come to us have been smitten by the look and performance of vehicles; not just cars but things with wings, things that zip down rails.

Stewart ReedChair, Transportation Design