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Student Life

As an Art Center student, you’ll discover numerous ways to get involved with the College community, whether it’s by developing your leadership skills, participating in student clubs and organizations or volunteering with local groups. After you graduate, you’ll continue to receive assistance as you put your talents to work and build a career. The Department of Student Affairs—which includes our Center for the Student Experience (CSE), Office of Enrollment Services and Office of Career Development—oversees the essentials and the other complementary opportunities outside of the classroom.

We make sure your academic records are accurate and help you determine that you’re where you need to be on your path to graduation. Special services including health insurance, personal counseling, housing information, international student advisement, and disability support and accommodations are coordinated through our department. When you first arrive on campus, you’ll meet our staff as we coordinate new student orientation. We host social events throughout the year and even cook for you when you’re cramming for finals at our Late Night Breakfast. We support your elected student government representatives as they work to improve the student experience, we bring speakers and other co-curricular educational programs to campus, and we celebrate our intercultural diversity.

Each person arrives on campus at a different stage in their life—some have already earned a college degree; others will be completing their first. We tailor our services and programs to your needs, whether you’re an international student or a Southern California native.

Whether you are looking to join a student organization, start a new one, develop your leadership skills—or simply enjoy the parade and a plate of eggs—our staff is here to support you, assist in your personal development and help you attain a well-rounded education.


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