Essential Skills + Competencies

  • Students develop a fluent visual vocabulary and the requisite skills necessary to apply visual relationships across core curriculum in preparation for the students’ areas of emphasis.

Critical Thinking + Creative Process

  • Students use, imagine and articulate research, conceptualization and problem solving strategies applied to any visual problem, demonstrating an understanding of creative processes.

Cultural Literacy + Contextual Reference

  • Students develop awareness of the context of their creative visual production and its reception.

Interdisciplinary Experience

  • Students explore art + design foundation skills between disciplines with a variety of media, technologies and research topics that include opportunities for hybrid course work.

Quality of Execution + Professional Practices

  • INT provides multiple opportunities across a range of disciplines to develop excellence in execution and articulation of craft. Students develop presentation skills and professional practices.


  • Ethics is explored as part of art practice and design production, in terms of affecting personal/academic integrity, community, environment, sustainability and social awareness.