PLO 1: Multi-dimensional cultural literacy

  • Students will be able to understand culture and its histories as a complex, global, shifting arena of human engagement.

PLO 2: Ethical and critical capacity

  • Students will be able to sort and assess information in its many forms (written, verbal, visual, media based) for weight and validity in order to make appropriate decisions (artistic, civic, personal,) and to bring meaning and dimension to received knowledge.

PLO 3: Fluency in Research Methods

  • Students will be able to gather information in a variety of ways and choose appropriate methods of interpretation.

PLO 4: Cross-disciplinary collaboration

  • Students will understand that knowledge has many sources and forms and will learn how to work across disciplinary boundaries in order to broaden and deepen their perspectives.

PLO 5: Intellectual creativity

  • Students will learn to establish and experiment with their own voice as well as to test its soundness.
  Multi-Dimensional Cultural Literacy Ethical and Critical Capacity Fluency in Research Methods Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration Intellectual Creativity
Written Communication X X X X X
Oral Communication X X   X  
Critical Thinking X X X X X
Information Literacy X X X X X
Quantitative Reasoning     X X  

Program Learning Outcomes: The Chart

When we set our PLO’s against WSCUC core competencies, we found a picture that clearly demonstrated the complexity of humanities/scientific knowledge and their multidimensional capacity.