Joel Tauber, Some Of The People I Met On My Pilgrimage: Abraham Fosce, Alam Martinez, Albert Williams, Alex Vera, Amanda Yew, Azor Adame, Blass Montiel, Brigitte Kuo, Carlos David Villa, Carlos Luan Garcia, Christian Murquez, Christina Valentine, Cruz Manuel A Llanos Flores, Daniel Angeles A, David G Real, Diego Jordán, Estella Vargas, Francisco Mendoza, Fred Wu, Georg Pallawch, Grant Miller, Guadalupe Pasillas, Guillermo Cabanellas, Gustavo Rene Gomez, Hannah Kim Varamini, Héctor R González Cuéllar, Henrique Torres, Humberto Garcias, Humberto Velázquez Villalvazo, Indira Briseno, Isai Mota, Javio Corona, Jill Kirby, Judith Atamirano, Kevin Almanza, Leta Ming, Luigi Rivera, Madhu Pocha, Maggie Gonzalez, Marco A. Arreola, Maria Miranda, Mark Bemesderfer, Michael O’Connor, Michal Sopor, Molly Knight, Noberto Diaz, Rosemary and Angelina Olmedo, Rosemary Olmedo Jr, Sandy Novak, Sinjun Balabanoff, Terry Spears, Tom Morrison, Uriel Vicona Guzman, Xavier Martinez, Betty Rothman and Deanna Lynne Horton. 2020.
October 17, 2020 - January 16, 2021

Border-Ball: A 40-day pilgrimage along the U.S. and Mexico Border

The online exhibition of Border-Ball is the first phase of the culminating exhibition of a 40-day pilgrimage (October 29 – December 7, 2019) along the U.S. and Mexico border by artist Joel Tauber (MFA 02 Grad Art).

Border-Ball explores the meaning of the wall and how it impacts the human race psychologically, ethically and spiritually. Through the shared cultural experience of baseball that extends beyond boundaries, Tauber asks probing questions about immigration, compassion, imprisonment and more. Wearing a custom vintage baseball uniform and backpack in blue, white and red, the artist invited people who walked along with him to play catch and share their experiences of the border and immigration.

The project was developed in part through Tauber’s interpretation of Tikkun Olam, a Kabbalistic mandate to do what we can to save the world. By framing his performance and documentation along the border as a pilgrimage, the artist raises the performative gesture to a meditative action of care and opens up the opportunity to share in conversation about the border rather than limit it to polemics.

Border-Ball Documentary Trailer

Border-Ball Movie Poster

Tauber began his pilgrimage at the Otay Mesa Port of Entry in San Diego, California, and walked along the Border Wall before heading north two and a half miles to the Otay Mesa Detention Center. He travelled there and back again daily—a seven-mile journey that connects legal entry to the U.S. with the Border Wall and the Detention Center holding those who might be in the country without all legal permits.

Border-Ball pilgrimage route map
Border-Ball Route

Border-Ball Stories

As part of the project, the artist provides an opportunity to share our stories of immigration and the border.

In Conversation

Artist Joel Tauber in conversation with Christina Valentine, ArtCenter DTLA Program Director

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Selected works from the project.