A Global Network of Alumni Volunteers

There are 20,000 ArtCenter Alumni throughout the world.

With Alumni Chapters in major cities across the globe our chapter chairs, ambassadors and volunteers serve as invaluable advocates of the College that keep our community connected.

The Alumni Association team works with our volunteers network to sustain, support and sponsor regular events. They are instrumental in developing their own programs and networking opportunities with support from the Office of Alumni Relations.

Alumni Chapters

Alumni chapters are located in 16 cities around the world. These Chapters support ArtCenter sponsored activities, support the philanthropic efforts of the College, and plan programming that bring local alumni together in their regions.

Current Chapter Chairs

  • Los Angeles: John Deyto (BFA 96 Photography)
  • San Francisco: Audrey Liu (BS 87 Product), Morgan Wise (BFA 04 Film), Penny Wolin (BFA 76 Photography)
  • Orange County: Amy Yu (BFA 99 Graphic)
  • San Diego: June Rubin (BFA 84 Illustration), Chuck Pelly (BS 58 Product)
  • Seattle: Ian Sands (BS 95 Product)
  • Portland: Lynn Latta (BFA 88 Advertising)
  • New York: Jeff Silva (BFA 02 Graphic), Greg Wong (BFA 05 Graphic)
  • Austin: Greg Greeson (BS 77 Transportation), Lloyd Walker (BFA 84 Transportation), Rocco Calandruccio (BS 03 Product)
  • Dallas: Doug May (BFA 80 Advertising), Patrick Ollila (BFA 01 Illustration)
  • Berlin: Michael Sans (BS 97 Product)
  • Cologne, Germany: Stefan Pannebecker (BS 92 Product), Andreas Wilhelm (BS 92 Product) Munich: Alexandre Janvier (BFA 95 Communications), Rudolf Voigt (BS 97 Transportation)
  • Tokyo: Fumi Sasada (BFA 78 Graphic)
  • Beijing: Lan Yu (MS 15 Industrial)
  • Shanghai: Clement Yip (BFA 94 Graphic)
  • Taipei: Ai Su Bonnier (BS 07 Transportation), Jane Kung (BFA 01 Photography), Andrew Liu (BFA 99 Illustration)
  • Seoul: SeungIn Kim (MFA 97 Film)
To contact a Chapter Chair or to learn more about getting involved please contact us at alumni@artcenter.edu.