Frequently Asked Questions

Recent Graduates

What happens to my email account after graduation?

Your student account will be disabled one (1) term following your graduation.

How do I receive my lifetime ArtCenter alumni email account?

New graduates will receive a welcome email from the Alumni Office office that includes your lifetime ArtCenter email address, usually six to eight weeks after graduation.

Alternatively, if you are a graduate, you may contact the Alumni Office office at or 626.396.2305 and request your lifetime email address.

How do I use my alumni email address?

Your email address is strictly a forwarding email. All emails written to this account will be forwarded to the preferred email address you have provided. To change your preferred email address, simply make changes using the Alumni Portal.

An alumni.artcenter email forwarding address is not a stand-alone email account. It is a service that will forward messages to a designated email address - your preferred email address.

It is not possible to retrieve messages directly from an alumni.artcenter email forwarding address, either through the web or using a desktop email program. Messages sent to an alumni.artcenter forwarding address can only be retrieved through the preferred address to which mail is being forwarded.

What are my alumni benefits?

Please visit our Alumni Benefits page for a complete list of benefits, including career benefits, online resources and on-campus discounts, as well as special offers exclusively for ArtCenter alumni. Keep checking in with us as we are expanding alumni benefits.

Job Opportunities

What career benefits are available to alumni?

Career benefits include free access to ArtCenter Connect job listings and one complimentary counseling session with the Career + Professional Development (CDP). For more information, visit our Career + Professional Development page.

How do I post an employment or internship opportunity?

The Career + Professional Development (CPD) office has an online job board, which is available to alumni and employers. Visit ArtCenter Connect and select Employer Access. If you have any questions about the job posting process, you may contact CPD at or 626.396.2320.


How do I share information on my upcoming exhibition, film, book release or project?

Congratulations! We want to hear about what you are doing! Please contact the Alumni Office at with a brief description and a link. You may also post your news on our updated Tumblr: ArtCenter Stories. There you can submit answers to a few questions about you and your project, and you’ll have an opportunity to share images of your work. The College’s Marketing and Communications department peruses ArtCenter Stories for possible features in upcoming DOT stories and more.


How do I find out information about my local alumni chapter?

Visit our Regional Programming page.

I’d like to volunteer! What can I do to help? (or, I’d like to host an event at my studio or I’d like to be a regional Chapter Chair. What’s my next step?)

We’d love to hear what you’d like to do to connect with the College and your fellow classmates or students. Please contact us at 626.396.2305 or

Alumni Portal – It’s Here!

How do I sign up for the ArtCenter Alumni Portal?

Experience the new Portal! This new gateway provides our alumni with the resources to connect in a more dynamic and digital way.

We invite you to come network with your fellow alumni across the globe.

First, you will need your unique Portal ID to begin the registration process. Write to us at We’ll be happy to provide your unique Portal ID to get you started.

I already signed up for the Alumni Directory last year. Is this a new Portal?

Yes, the all new Portal allows you to view the alumni directory online plus upload your portrait, brief biography and images of your art and designs to be displayed on our Digital Alumni Gallery in the Alumni Center. If you were part of the original 2016-2020 version Portal, you will need to register for this new and much improved Portal. First, you will need your unique Portal ID to begin the registration process. Write to us at and we’ll be happy to provide your Portal ID to get you started.


How do I become a member of the ArtCenter Alumni community?

If you earned a degree from ArtCenter, then you are automatically a member of the ArtCenter Alumni Community, and there are no dues or renewal fees.

How do I obtain an ArtCenter Alumni card?

We are currently in the process of securing alumni membership cards and will soon distribute cards by mail to the preferred address listed in the Alumni Directory. It’s a great reason to keep in touch with the College and to keep your records up to date.

Where can I find out more information about FullCircle, the College’s membership community?

Contact the Annual Giving office at 626.396.2496 or visit the FullCircle website.

College Resources

How do I order a transcript or diploma?

ArtCenter’s Enrollment Services Office manages all transcript and diploma requests. Complete the transcript request form or diploma reprint form. Once the forms are complete, please submit to Enrollment Services.

How do I gain access to the Library?

At this time, the campus is closed to all visitors including our alumni. We are looking forward to welcoming our alums back on campus in 2022.

Where is the Alumni Office office located?

Our physical address is:
South Campus
1111 South Arroyo Parkway, 4th Floor
Pasadena 91105

Please contact us at or 626.396.2305 if you’d like to stop by.