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In Conversation with Delfin Finley

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

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Please join us for a private studio tour and conversation with the brilliant Delfin Finley.

Delfin studied in the Illustration department at ArtCenter and is about to showcase in a major exhibit. Delfin will talk about his early history, showcase his painting technique and talk about having a painting career in these changing times.

Delfin Finley is an artist who was born and raised in Los Angeles. He attended Art Center College of Design and works in the heart of Hollywood. In the few years after selling out his solo show, he has received international attention for his  paintings. He is passionate about creating a body of work that contemplates the racism that permeates our society. His portraits reverently depict individuals who are often the targets of the violence symptomatic of a biased society. Despite their individual experiences, the subjects are linked by moments in their lives in which they are stripped of control over both their present and future. 

In his new collection of works he features people of color weighed down by red, white and blue ropes, symbols of the painful American History of lynching, prejudice and injustice against people of color. “We have no choice but to carry the weight of all of these experiences while the targets are still firmly emblazoned on our backs. Society is complicit when they ignore it.”