October 26, 2020

Minors Launch in Business, Creative Writing, Research and Material Science

New minors offered by the College's Humanities and Sciences Department meet need for specialized skills and knowledge in a post-pandemic world

Beginning this fall term, students at ArtCenter College of Design are able to enroll in four new minors offered by the Humanities and Sciences department. The minors in business, creative writing, research and material science, enhance the value of an ArtCenter undergraduate degree and the impact it makes in a post-pandemic future when the demand for designers and knowledge makers is greater than it has ever been.

“Today’s complex world offers tremendous challenges in the fields of art and design and beyond,” said Jane McFadden, PhD, chair of the Humanities and Sciences department. “These minors help students focus their interests outside of the studio and gain a broader perspective on their practice.”

Reaction so far from the 100 students enrolled in the Humanities and Sciences minors has been positive. Many participants are eager to embrace entrepreneurial opportunities, build problem-solving skills and expand their educational experience.

All ArtCenter students take Humanities and Sciences classes, which work in conjunction with the studio programs to foster thoughtful and rigorous inquiry across the College, traversing cultural, historical, literary, philosophical and scientific perspectives.

The Business minor is a sequence of courses that provides immersion in the language and strategy of business, which can help strengthen a student’s opportunities in the professional worlds of art and design. It supports creative entrepreneurship and offers a creative perspective on real world business solutions. The focus is on the value design brings to the overall economic system and how design overlaps with many different business models and industries.

The Creative Writing minor is an opportunity for students to see how the written arts provide another view into the creative process. This additional insight can broaden and deepen an art and design professional practice. The Creative Writing courses provide an expanded understanding of a variety of narrative and lyrical forms and their potential applications.

The Research minor emphasizes theory and practice with a focus on methods, ethics, fieldwork, co-creation and critical making. This minor allows students to develop an advancing competency in research to match their educational interests and fields of study. The Research minor is ideal for students interested in working in design research, design strategy and advanced concept design studios, as well as students interested in pursuing certain graduate degrees.

The Material Science minor provides a fundamental understanding of material science and engineering basics. It allows students to be able to identify the major properties of all classes of industrial and design materials. Students pursuing this minor will also have exposure to the newest types of materials, including nanomaterials, biomaterials and advanced composites. This minor is particularly suited for anyone in an industrial design field, but is also applicable to any art practice. It will especially serve those working in prototyping, procurement or anyone wishing to learn about the latest achievements in materials creation to stay ahead of the curve.

The new Humanities and Sciences minors are open to all undergraduate students and admission is ongoing.

About Humanities and Sciences: Courses offered through the Humanities and Sciences Department promote literary and historical literacy; develop ethical and critical capacity; and encourage new modes of collaboration and cross-cultural thinking. In the rapidly changing technological environment into which students graduate, learning to assess and assemble diverse bodies of information into workable, cohesive and useful wholes is not just an educational goal, it’s a survival skill. Based on a classic curriculum of studies deemed essential for enabling an individual to take an active part in civic life, the department is designed to enrich creative people, nurturing and supporting students as multidimensional thinkers and dynamic lifelong learners. Humanities and Sciences courses provide students with the rational and intellectual foundation for successful practice as designers, illustrators, photographers, filmmakers and fine artists. The department offers a diverse and intensive program of courses, with a strong emphasis on literacy, critical thinking and research. The more than 100 faculty are comprised of writers, historians, scientists, philosophers, critics, activists, researchers and business leaders who bring into the classroom their expertise as practitioners in their fields. Humanities and Sciences courses cover traditional subject areas, while also providing focused areas of interest to the artist and designer. All students are able to use the Humanities and Sciences offerings both to explore their creative and intellectual interests and to further develop their professional skills.

About ArtCenter: Founded in 1930 and located in Pasadena, California, ArtCenter College of Design is a global leader in art and design education. ArtCenter offers 11 undergraduate and seven graduate degrees in a wide variety of industrial design disciplines as well as visual and applied arts. In addition to its top-ranked academic programs, the College also serves members of the Greater Los Angeles region through a highly regarded series of year-round educational programs for all ages and levels of experience. Renowned for both its ties to industry and its social impact initiatives, ArtCenter is the first design school to receive the United Nations’ Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) status in recognition of its commitment to social impact design through Designmatters. Throughout the College’s long and storied history, ArtCenter alumni have had a profound impact on popular culture, the way we live and important issues in our society.

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Photo of students in library.
This fall, ArtCenter launches new minors in business, creative writing, research and material science to enhance the value of an ArtCenter undergraduate degree and the impact it makes in a post-pandemic future.