August 25, 2021


Graduating Artists from ArtCenter’s Graduate Art Program

August 21 through September 19, 2021

ArtCenter’s Graduate Art and Exhibitions departments present MMXXI, the annual group exhibition for graduating artists.


Haijing Chen

Tita Cicognani

Logan Criley

David Daigle

Taylor Griffith

Mark Hannah

Cameron Harvey

Laura Larraz

Alissa Massey

Emma McIntyre

Li Zeng

Jiaran Zou

MMXXI was organized by Catherine Taft, the deputy director and curator at LAXART. The exhibition title, the year 2021 in Roman numerals, references the ancient time period as a parallel to the uncertainty of our current moment. Taft explains this analogy in her exhibition statement, writing:

In her tome SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome, scholar and classicist Mary Beard mused, “In some ways, to explore ancient Rome from the twenty-first century is rather like walking on a tightrope, a very careful balancing act. If you look down one side, everything seems reassuringly familiar…. On the other side, it seems completely alien territory.” The same might be said of these strange days of 2021, a period that simultaneously strives towards a “normal” we understand while remaining perpetually alien, obfuscated by a mutating pandemic, a global climate crisis, and political, economic, and philosophical upheaval of every stripe. And like ancient Rome, this epic moment has global reach and cultural significance. It is already history, even as we live through it.

MMXXI is a marking of time, with all its gravity and consequence. The year 2021 marks a new understanding of reality as a push-and-pull between the ordinary and the uncertain. The works in this exhibition reflect this mood: they are meditative and manic, familiar and uncanny, minimal and maximal. Some model the colliding of human and animal systems, or strange, open-ended subjectivities. Others reveal bold formal moves in color, motion, composition, or the properties of paint, light, and perception. These works picture the cautious optimism of looking forward and the weight of where we’ve been, the here and now balanced with what lies on the other side.

Due to pandemic restrictions, the exhibition is currently closed to the public. Portions of the exhibition are available for street-viewing. A video walkthrough of the exhibition and additional images are available on the Grad Art website.


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Exhibition hours:

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Work of art by Emma McIntyre Badlands, graduating MFA art student.
Emma McIntyre
The fountain, 2021
Oil, oil stick and pastel on linen 18 x 20 in.
Door by David Daigle, ArtCenter MFA Art student.
David Daigle
DOOR, 2021
Mounted photo with found objects 72 x 72 in.
Karen Zou
Jiaran Zou
Iridescence, 2021
Plexiglass rod and radiant iridescent acrylic sheet 23 × 88 in.
Cameron Harvey
Cameron Harvey
Figure 1: Cor (Rhus Integrifolia) , 2021
Acrylic and water based urethane on canvas
120 x 54 in. (90 x 56 x 36 in installed)
Taylor Griffith
Taylor Griffith
Structural Collapse , 2021
Found ghost traps, fluorescent paint
Dimensions variable