Required Portfolio Video Essay

At ArtCenter, we believe that communicating the motivation and process behind your work can be as important as the final piece itself. So we ask you to share with us the story behind one of your pieces of work in a video essay format.

Address the following questions in your essay:

  • Why did you choose to create this piece?
  • How did you approach the making of this piece?
  • What aspects of this piece satisfied your intentions?
  • What, if anything, might you change about your piece?


  • Select one piece from your portfolio.
  • Identify the title and date of the piece.
  • Make sure to list the title of the piece in Slideroom so that we can reference the correct piece.
  • Length of your video essay should not exceed 2 minutes total.
  • Upload the video essay to Slideroom along with the rest of your portfolio. (For Film applicants only, include your video essay with your portfolio submission to Upload the video to Vimeo and submit the link.)

Please Note:

  • While it is okay to plan your thoughts before recording the video, we prefer that you do not write out an essay and read it aloud.
  • While a visual component is required, if you would prefer not to appear in the video, you do not have to. You are welcome to create whatever visuals best support your presentation.
  • It is the content of your submission that we are interested in. Don’t be concerned about production quality. Use the technology and resources that are readily available to you. Feel free to use your phone, for instance, to create your video.
hand painting portrait of a woman

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