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Stewart Reed

Transportation Design


3rd Term Review
5th Term Review
7th Term Review
IS: Citroen Folding Vehicle
IS: Gran Turismo Vision GT
IS: Gulfstream G900-Interior
IS: Honda Studio
IS: Jaguar Track Part 2
IS: Lexus Future 2045
IS: Mercedes S Class Interior
IS: Oakley Halo Auto Design
IS: Utilitarian Design
IS: Vision GT (Gran Tourismo)
IS:2D/3D Works
IS:Adv Clay Modeling
IS:Autonomous V
IS:Concept Stratg&Brand Devel
IS:Exterior Studio
IS:Jaquar Track Car
IS:Mercedes Hyper Electric Ca
IS:SUV for Emerging ME Market
IS:Thesis Project
Internship-Zero Credit
Senior Studio
Tran Des 0 Credit Internship
Trans Des Internship- 0 Cr
Trans Des Internship-0 Credit
Trans Des Internship-Credit
Transportation Des Internship
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