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Karen Hofmann

Product Design


3rd Term Review
6th Term Review
INSEAD: Culture Elective
INSEAD: Hum & Sci Elective
INSEAD: PRP Elective
INSEAD: Studio Elective
INSEAD:Prod Devel Lab
INSEAD:Strat 4 Prd & Srvc Dev
IS: CMF & Trend Research
IS: Footwear Design
IS: Graduation Preparation
IS: Internship Experience
IS: Professional Development
IS: Professional Portfolio
IS:CMF Analysis
IS:CMF Trend Forcasting
IS:Design Voice & Brand
IS:Documenting Internship Exp
IS:Footwear Design
IS:HP Intrn Experience
IS:Headphone Project
IS:Moreless Design
IS:Professional Preparataion
IS:Professional Skill Set
IS:Research CMF Trends
IS:Samsung Exper.
IS:Small Medical Company
IS:UX & Visual Design
Insights (PROD) Wks 1-8
PENSOLE Footwear Design Progr
Product Design Internship
Product Design Internship 0 Cr
Product Design Internship-0 Cr
Professional Preparation
Studio Independent Study
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