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Karen Hofmann

Product Design


Karen is instrumental in developing an innovative curriculum responding to the expanding role of design. Along with her colleagues she is responsible for identifying and shaping vision-casting projects with numerous corporate sponsors. She has developed innovative educational models such as the DesignStorm, a compliment to Art Center''s traditional trans-disciplinary studios, partnering with sponsors to explore future market opportunities.


B.A. California State University, Northridge 1990 Psychology
B.S. Art Center College of Design 1997 Product Design


3rd Term Review
6th Term Review
INSEAD: Culture Elective
INSEAD: Hum & Sci Elective
INSEAD: PRP Elective
INSEAD: Studio Elective
INSEAD:Prod Devel Lab
INSEAD:Strat 4 Prd & Srvc Dev
IS: Ghostworks
IS: Graduation Preparation
IS: Internship Experience
IS: Professional Development
IS: Professional Preparation
IS:Design Voice & Brand
IS:HP Intrn Experience
IS:Intrnshp Report
IS:Product Development
IS:Professional Development
IS:Professional Skill Set
IS:Samsung Exper.
IS:Small Medical Company
IS:UX & Visual Design
PENSOLE Footwear Design Progr
Product Design Internship
Product Design Internship 0 Cr
Professional Preparation
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