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While the core of what we do as product designers involves understanding people’s needs, identifying opportunities for innovation, visualizing ideas and realizing solutions, it’s imperative that we understand and embrace the limitless array of opportunities we have to shape our future.

As the role of design continues to expand and diversify, emerging techno-logies and platforms for innovation are enabling “design entrepreneurs” to take ideas from concept to marketplace. And design is increasingly recognized as crucial to achieving commercial and organizational success, and vital in improving lives.

Product Design at Art Center provides you with a foundation in the design process, grounded in a human-centered approach and in professional practice. This ethos is crystallized in the Department’s many social impact projects created in collaboration with Designmatters Department.

Along with core visual, creative, technical and analytical skills, you gain a comprehensive understanding of design research methodologies, business principles, materials technologies, manufacturing processes, global trends and sustainability through our state-of-the-art research lab, CMTEL (Color, Materials and Trends Exploration Laboratory). Our partnership with the international business school INSEAD enables students interested in the intersection between design and business to immerse themselves for a semester in an MBA program. Students also benefit from participation in DesignStorms® and other Sponsored Project courses commissioned by corporate partners seeking to explore new frontiers in design and innovation.

Good design is about combining functionality, relevance and commercial viability with visual and emotional appeal in a marketplace that demands products that minimize environmental impact, from production to disposal. You emerge from our program prepared to meet these needs on both local and global scales, having developed the tools to visualize the future and the skills to become a creative leader.

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