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Product Design

“Today’s product designers must be creative citizens who are able to visualize a new economy and material culture, while translating their vision into meaningful products, systems and experiences.”

Karen Hofmann, Chair

Degree: Bachelor of Science

At Art Center, Product Design students learn that good design is about combining functionality, relevance and visual appeal—and that social responsibility is part of commercial viability.

Corporations and organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of comprehensive design in achieving success, while society as a whole is beginning to understand the vital role design can play in improving lives.

As consumer culture is shifting, the marketplace is demanding products that minimize environmental impact, from production to disposal, while at the same time seeking an emotional connection with the objects that surround them. We prepare students to meet these needs on both local and global scales, while giving them the tools to visualize the future.

Our curriculum provides a foundation in the design sciences, including human factors, manufacturing processes, human-centered research methodologies and design management. At the same time, students gain a comprehensive understanding of materials technologies, global trends and sustainability through access to our state-of-the-art research lab, CMTEL (Color, Materials and Trends Exploration Laboratory).

Through Transdisciplinary Studios, often sponsored by corporate clients, and Designmatters projects on behalf of humanitarian organizations, students apply their skills for commercial and noncommercial causes.

They also deepen their understanding of business processes through our partnership with INSEAD, a leading business school with campuses in Fontainebleau, France, and Singapore. Participating students collaborate with MBA students on a creative project and attend graduate-level business courses in finance, marketing and other subjects. Our entrepreneurial component that is threaded into upper term studios provides further education in the creation of business plans and profitable product lines.

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