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Interaction Design

“Interaction Design cuts across many industries and disciplines, providing the essential bridge between the analog and digital worlds.”

Maggie Hendrie, Chair

Degree: Bachelor of Science

At Art Center, Interaction Design students learn to craft meaningful dialogs through engaging screen and tangible interactions. They design cohesive systems and strategies, powerful media and aesthetic experiences. Whether designing a mobile app or a gestural interface for an exhibition, our students learn to think deeply about the user's experience and how to connect with people. Students design and make working projects that empower people as informed, delighted, entertained, or productive participants through beautifully designed interactions.

Interaction designers are deeply engaged, always considering the diverse audiences and many contexts that their work affects. Our students develop a high level of empathy and think beyond the specific artifact to the entire experience and goals of the user, creating inventive new approaches to interaction and design.

Our graduates may go on to create new product ecologies, rich informational websites, mobile apps, digital car interfaces, interactive consumer electronics, social media advertising or interactive exhibitions. No matter the medium, our students practice a rigorous design process, and come to understand their audience through ethnography and user testing. They learn to apply technology creatively and constantly push new boundaries, while never losing sight of the emotional and aesthetic role of quality design.

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