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Interaction design is all around us—mobile apps, wearable technology, games, websites, social networks, art installations and public spaces are just a few examples. If you’re interested in designing interactions that are useful, innovative and delightful, there’s no better training ground than Art Center.

Although this is a new major at the College, we have a rich history in interaction design, spanning the fields of graphic, transportation, entertainment, industrial and media design. Art Center graduates hold leading positions in companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft and IDEO.

With the field of interaction design experiencing a period of tremendous growth, in 2012 we launched a degree program dedicated to creative innovation and professional leadership. We have crafted a course of study in which you think deeply about the user’s experience, apply technology creatively and invent new approaches to interaction and design. Our curriculum emphasizes core methods, tools and processes that prepare you to lead as new technologies emerge.

But it’s not all about technology. After all, people interact with every object or system in our world, be they human-made or natural. In our program, you focus on the user experience and study how people think, feel and behave when they use any product, environment or system. By considering human factors, cognitive sciences and psychology, you learn how to design cohesive systems that can deeply impact people’s lives.

And that’s a skill that can have lifelong applications.

Learn more at artcenter.edu/interaction.

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