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Integrated Studies is not a major. Rather, it is a “horizontal” department where students from multiple majors study together learning material common to all disciplines—basic visual vocabulary, craftsmanship and technical skills.

These classes are automatically included in your major department’s course of study based on their respective curricula. This creates an interdisciplinary atmosphere, allowing students to learn from one another and forge important relationships with their peers. Art Center’s long-standing distinction for—and commitment to—craft begins with these classes.

Integrated Studies promotes critical awareness teaching how images make meaning while students develop a self-awareness of their own design and problem solving processes. Our classes help students discover their own personal voice while encouraging collaboration and team-building skills across disciplines. Finally, students will learn that there are ethical components to their practice and cultural production, and that their actions have an impact on other communities (citizenship) and the environment (sustain-ability) which, when followed, result in art and design leadership.

The Integrated Studies Department is nimble, with the flexibility to respond to student needs. It can create a class based on student requests as long as the class appeals to more than one major. All undergraduate students from every department take Integrated Studies classes. The department is designed to facilitate and support each major by creating an intersection allowing for communication, cross-pollination and enhanced creativity for everyone.

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