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Today’s illustrators are image makers and storytellers. Conceptualizers and problem solvers. Provocateurs and culture mavens. Illustration now is moving beyond the literal interpretation. It is creating mood and atmosphere, communicated via accomplished personal technique, for an array of commercial and social impact projects.

Illustration connects everything from high fashion and retail environments to animation and computer games; from political, editorial and street art to mainstream publishing. Illustration’s unique ability to define social, political and cultural ideas makes it an ideal solution for an unparalleled scope of creative and communications projects.

At Art Center, you certainly master drawing skills. But you also increase your business knowledge and develop your understanding of illustration’s impact on contemporary culture. After a thorough grounding in foundation classes you focus on a curricular track that best suits your talent and career objectives. Illustration Design blends hand and digital practice for licensing, print, publishing and motion. Illustration for Motion is for students interested in storyboarding and motion design. Illustration/Fine Art takes imagery beyond illustration to the gallery environment. And Entertainment Arts prepares you for a fast-paced career in TV and feature animation. Our new Surface Design program provides opportunities to explore style and aesthetics in the realm of fashion, textile and apparel design.

Additional enrichments within the program include study abroad opportunities, Transdisciplinary Studios—in which illustrators work collaboratively with students from other majors—and dynamic guest lecturers.

However you tailor your curriculum, you graduate from Art Center with the potential to translate your creative gifts into engaging and meaningful career paths.

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