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Humanities & Sciences

Everything is interconnected, yet specialist knowledge is ever more vital. Through Humanities and Sciences you will enter the world with the broader understanding that shows, if not quite how to square the circle, how to approach the task.

Humanities and Sciences (H&S)—known as liberal arts and sciences at most other schools—are of concern to you.

All students take HS classes since they aim to equip you not only with specific knowledges, but also with broader ways of understanding that are relevant across all disciplines.

How does this title “H&S” unpack? If you thought “hybrid,” you were on the right track. H&S brings together elements that may not be obviously related. It is a mobile space where people and disciplines connect, intersect and grow differentially. That is, while each may have their own pathway, there are elements in common. H&S is chiasmatic in structure. It is where aspects of the disciplines cross, but, like the chiasmus, it is also a syntactic structure or system of connections. It is where you think outside your discipline or your project, while considering exactly how the inside links to the outside.

So in precise but multiple ways, H&S classes work in conjunction with the studio programs to foster thoughtful and rigorous inquiry across the College, traversing historical, literary, artistic, cultural and scientific perspectives. In this way, they contribute to ensuring you have the knowledge to be able to map your very own pathway. Like Designmatters and Transdisciplinary Studios, they provide you with ways of seeing how your majors interrelate in the present and to the past. They therefore contribute to well-founded ways of envisioning futures.

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