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Dave Bullock

Graphic Design
Interaction Design


Dave Bullock is the offspring of a photographer and a programmer. He has been sifting through bits on the internet since he was young and along the way has taught himself programming, UNIX and photography. Dave is a contributor to Wired.com and a member of the San Bernardino Sheriff''s Search and Rescue Team. When he''s not shooting photos of geeky stuff around Los Angeles, you can usually find him crawling through a cave, out in the desert or rescuing a wayward hiker.


Advanced VxD Studio 7
Advanced VxD Studio 7: ID4
INLAB: Homeboy Indstrs (DM)
IS:Interactive Design
IS:Programming/BackEnd Devlpm
IS:Topic Based Msg Sys
Interaction Design 2
Interactive Design 4: Int. Des
Vis Ix Des 3: Adv IxD
Visual Ix Design 2
Visual Ix Design 2: Web
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