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Graphic design has evolved to become much more than ink on paper; it has left the page to conquer space, motion and interaction. To stay ahead of the curve, you’ll need to expand your creative skills in an integrative learning environment that crosses all media.

Our Graphic Design curriculum integrates the definitions of designer, artist and entrepreneur. Guided by faculty members who are noted professionals in their areas of expertise, you’ll develop sophisticated typographic and image-making skill-sets working across both emerging and traditional media—everything from letterpress to data visualization and from packaging to spatial experiences—to create emotionally resonant messages.

You’ll learn how to anticipate and react to the technological and social changes affecting how we communicate with one another. You’ll have the opportunity to study abroad and to participate in high-profile collaborative projects with industry partners, nonprofit organizations and students from different majors. And with our innovative transmedia area of concentration—which allows you to manipulate and transcend mediums—you’ll be empowered to create new media categories.

Since we want our students to design experiences that serve a purpose, we’ll encourage you to work outside your comfort zone and to engage with culturally relevant content using every possible tool at your disposal. In the process you’ll discover new things about yourself and the mediums that you’re pushing to their limits.

We’ll challenge you with this ambitious endeavor—one whose potential is being fulfilled by our graduates, who have gone on to work for cutting-edge organizations like Google, Facebook, IDEO and Local Projects.

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