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The continual exercise of imagination and discipline is the basis for a career in art: a life of compelling vision that questions and transforms our way of seeing, thinking and engaging the world. Art Center prepares students by training them in the rigorous foundation skills they need to be highly adaptable visual problem-solvers, with particular attention to aesthetics and conceptual dexterity. We foster a healthy fearlessness undeterred by conventional boundaries—experimentation, risk and complexity are embedded into the very fabric of student work. Such versatility and adaptability are paramount in preparing artists to excel in a continually changing global environment.

Two of the biggest questions young artists face are: What is my unique voice? and Where does that voice fit into the world? At Art Center, it is our job to help you discover these answers by engaging in a rigorous process of training, questioning and self-discovery.

Fine Art supports a spectrum of disciplines including drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, film/video, photography and digital imaging, as well as an array of art-and-design hybrids. Our nationally and inter-nationally recognized faculty members work to create a program that is both broad in its scope of interests and small in its well-woven community. Learning occurs in the context of small classes and a high degree of mentoring that allows for a more one-on-one education.

The new Artmatters concentration, which stands as a counterpart to the college’s successful Designmatters program, focuses on the intersection between art and social space.

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