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The Film program at Art Center prepares you for an evolving industry in which one fact remains constant: filmmakers must be strong visual storytellers. Here in Los Angeles, the world’s entertainment capital, you begin shooting immediately, with access to the latest production and post-production tools. The curriculum focuses on mastering filmmaking skills in order to serve the narrative.

Our faculty of distinguished working filmmakers and small classes foster close, mentoring relationships. In addition, the complex industry tapestry of L.A. gives us access to studio heads and A-list talent who, as guest lecturers, share their intimate knowledge of the business.

Success in the entertainment industry requires a broader base of knowledge than ever before. We believe in learning by making. Only when you’re fully immersed in making films do you truly learn your craft. Our production center maintains a generous supply of industry-standard equipment, and our post facilities offer most everything you need to fulfill the technical and creative vision of your story.

Our three main tracks of study are in directing, cinematography and editing. Also, for approved students, we offer specialty courses of study with an emphasis in screenwriting and producing. Throughout the program, you discover and refine your artistic style and distinctive voice, and collaborate with students from other disciplines. You will develop a thorough understanding of the entire filmmaking process.

You enter as an apprentice artist and leave ready to reach an audience through your storytelling.

Learn more at artcenterfilm.com.

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