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Entertainment designers are story-tellers. They bring stories to life by designing novel objects, characters and worlds. This requires an excellent imagination, a thorough understanding of how such things are built, and the ability to conceptualize within the parameters of a given story. Concept artists create the visuals we see in films, video games, animation, commercials, TV shows and theme parks, executing everything from environments and architecture to characters and vehicles.

Art Centerís Entertainment Design students specifically focus their creativity to master the skills required of concept designers in the enter-tainment industry. Our intensive curriculum blends and expands upon illustration and industrial design. You receive a rigorous education in drawing, rendering, model building, sculpting and the use of 3D digital tools. Near the completion of your degree, you research and develop an in-depth senior project emphasizing a personal focus within entertainment.

Each spring, representatives from top companies attend our Entertainment Design Intern Show to meet students and review individual exhibitions of work, with the goal of selecting students to join their team as interns.

An impressive roster of Art Center alumni and entertainment professionals bring their expertise into our classrooms as faculty and visiting lecturers. Graduating from the program with the ability to bring imaginary worlds to life, you join this network ready for a creative future.

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