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“I believe that Art Center, with our strong parallel programs in entertainment, digital, film, photography and environmental design, is positioned to build not only the first truly modern advertising program in the world, but one that will prepare our students to tap into broader sources for careers than ever before.”

Gary Goldsmith, Chair

Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts

In the last decade, advertising has transformed from one-way communication transpiring across a select media platform to a two-way exchange that can instantaneously explode across countless media sources.

While advertising methods may be in flux, one thing remains constant—the need for brands to connect with audiences on a basic human level. At Art Center, Advertising students are equipped with knowledge of traditional forms of advertising while learning the latest advancements in new media—all while solving problems in new and creative ways.

In foundation classes, our students become fluent in the languages of advertising including film, online video, digital photography, graphic and interactive design, social media and digital engagement. In later terms, students apply their skills to develop advertising campaigns, integrating traditional and non-traditional media to create powerful forms of communication.

Our classes are taught by leading art directors and copywriters who not only understand where advertising has been, but who are helping to shape its future. Founded in 1930, our Advertising program is the oldest in the country, and our alumni are some of the industry’s best and brightest. Students work alongside product designers, filmmakers, interactive designers and more to develop new ways of thinking and explore how these disciplines inform and inspire one another.

Also setting us apart are our connections to the professional world and our commitment to working in a socially conscientious way. Through Transdisciplinary Studios, The Agency and Designmatters, Advertising majors collaborate as they produce campaigns for real clients, many of which address the social, humanitarian and political causes that are most important to them.

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