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Graduate Art is an interdisciplinary Master of Fine Arts program that encourages divergent ideas and methods. It provides degree candidates with a comprehensive understanding of art history, art making and contemporary art. Students are given the freedom and support to become any kind of artist they imagine, and to make any kind of art there is—or that they can invent.

Studies are led by a core faculty of seven artists (including the department chair), supplemented by five other full-time faculty and an adjunct faculty of approximately 15 artists, critics and theorists. Students spend the majority of their time in one-on-one studio visits with faculty members, balanced with rigorous critical, academic, and practical coursework. Through its Graduate Seminar course, biannual conference series, and annual artist-in-residence partnership, the program also welcomes internationally recognized artists, historians and writers to the College who address the cultural, historical and political currents that shape art making and the creative process.

In their last two terms, candidates work towards a final show and written thesis under the guidance of a committee comprised of three senior faculty members, culminating in a public defense.

Among the many resources available to students, the Graduate Art Complex at Art Center’s South Campus provides students with individual artists’ studios, indoor and outdoor tool shops, gallery spaces, dedicated computing and video production facilities, and a student lounge.

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