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Educational Partnerships

Educational Partnerships facilitates exceptional programs and experiences that bridge academic and professional practices through hands-­on collaboration.

These hallmark programs simulate professional studio environments and expose students to a broad spectrum of industries, global cultures and professional practices. In the last year alone, Art Center collaborated with 25 different corporate sponsors and civic organizations to explore a diverse range of topics from the future of air travel to new medical devices and services to branded experience for the Special Olympics 2015.

Program Descriptions

Sponsored Projects
Sponsored Projects provide unique opportunities for collaboration between design education and industry that challenge students to envision the future and inspire partners to create change.

DesignStorms are 3-day immersive workshops that apply an intensive design methodology to identify opportunities and create valuable shared experience.

DesignFlashes one-week design challenges that allow students to work independently on real issues facing start-up organizations and new brands.

Professional Development
Art Centeršs Professional Development programs increase awareness of the value of design and creative thinking while providing tangible skills, tools and strategies for alumni and industry partners through hands-on workshops and customized programs.

For more information please contact us at partnerships@artcenter.edu

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