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Comprehensive Design

The expansion of the scope of design recognizes the role and responsibility of designers to address social and cultural needs, economic growth and development, and environmental impact. We are currently developing a comprehensive design curriculum, in which design is the sum total of form, function and sustainability. We view design broadly and in terms of systems, and we are actively engaged in developing various systems-based approaches, including lifecycle analysis and business innovation.

Comprehensive design informs many of our educational and research activities, as well as our campus-wide initiatives. In the classroom, for example, we offer academic and studio courses like Design for Sustainability that are open to all majors, where students are introduced to sustainability as a component of comprehensive design, learn to use lifecycle analysis and weigh the implications of materials and processes.

Art Center is a member of AASHE (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education) and is a recognized educational adopter of the Designers Accord, a global coalition of designers for positive environmental and social impact.

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