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Zorine Pooladian

Environmental Design

Why did you choose Art Center?
In pursuing art as my career, I was in search of a school which would allow me to build a future where I can express my creative mind. When I visited Art Center I was so inspired by the students' work and the extent of the hard work invested in their projects that I could not see myself being anywhere else. Also, how can one not adore such a beautiful campus?

You started your Art Center career by attending Art Center at Night?
Yes, when I visited the student gallery at the Hillside Campus, I couldn’t believe I was looking at student work. I asked an admissions counselor about the model buildings on display and she told me they were created by Environmental Design students. I immediately wanted to apply. The counselor said I #rst needed to put together a portfolio and recommended I enroll in Art Center at Night.

How did Art Center at Night influence you?
I took Lighting Design with Daniel Gottlieb and Penny Herscovitch and I fell in love. Even though light surrounds us every day, before that course I had never before thought about it as being designed. Daniel and Penny had high expectations but they made the class really fun. I loved getting two sets of perspectives on my work. They both thought I was capable of doing something great and they kept pushing me to do better.

How do you hope to change the world through your work?
Just as I have been inspired by so many prominent artists in the world, I hope that someday, others will also be influenced by the art I create. 

What do you do with your downtime in Pasadena and greater LA?
I have always dreamt of living in California, especially Los Angeles. I believe it's a city of dreamers and stars in the making. Coming from a society of suppression where I was not able to fully pursue my artistic dreams, I find myself lucky every day to be at such a prestigious school in a charming city. I love exploring Pasadena and all it's history and architecture; I see art in every part of this city as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I especially love street art in the LA area.

What was the most interesting aspect to your experience at Art Center outside the classroom?
One of my favorite aspects of Art Center is the diversity it offers to its students outside of the classroom, I had the unique experience of studying abroad in Berlin for two months. I worked on a collaboration project with Johnson & Johnson along with other various projects, and experiencing art in a country outside of the United States was definitely enlightening. I also had the opportunity to work on furniture shows in NY (ICFF-Wanted Design) and Milan (Salone Satellite) where I had the chance to present some of my work. 

What did receiving a scholarship mean to you?
I am extremely thankful to Art Center for honoring me with scholarships in order for me to get through my educational experience. The school offers a vast amount of scholarships to its students who either come from a disadvantaged background or students in need of financial aid to pursue their dream.

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