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Tracy Kim


How/Why did you choose Art Center?
I chose to attend Art Center because it felt like a multi-disciplinary platform where I can explore different majors and studies, while ultimately being grounded in the fundamentals of art and design.

Biggest creative challenge/breakthrough you’ve faced while at Art Center?
When I began expanding my studies into product design and environmental design, it was extremely challenging. I had to really stretch myself to learn and absorb a whole different side of design processes. However, it helped me immensely, as I really expanded my own creativity and drive as an artist and designer.

In what ways has Art Center helped you grow as an artist/designer?
Being in an institution full of creatives with the same passion and motivation has been a huge beneficial factor in my growth at Art Center. Not only have I met the most amazing friends and faculty; I have also been able to learn how to marry both professionalism as well as creativity through the process.

Describe your most gratifying collaboration with a faculty member or another student?
When I first spoke with all three department chairs from three separate majors (Ann Field, Karen Hofmann, and David Mocarski), and described my goals and aspirations in becoming an artist, designer hybrid, they were not only incredibly supportive, but huge driving factors in helping to lead me to a design internship at Marcel Wanders in Amsterdam during my 7.5th term at Art Center. They have not only pushed me to expand my horizons, but have helped guide me through the process, and give me confidence to keep going and look further.

Tell us something about yourself people might find surprising?
I am addicted to watching documentaries.

What kinds of mentorship relationships have you formed with faculty or internship supervisors?
I have been so fortunate to have been in classes with James Chu (Product), Dewi Schoenbeck (Environmental), and Rob Clayton (Illustration). All three instructors truly understand my drive, passion, and thought processes as an artist/designer. All three instructors have not only been encouraging and motivating, but extremely understanding and supportive with all my decisions and goals for my future.

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