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Steven Butler


3rd Term

Why did you choose to attend Art Center?
I wanted to attend a college that demanded excellence, but also gave students the freedom to explore their creativity and take chances. When researching the top film schools in Los Angeles, I discovered that Art Center had the program that was best suited for me and would lead me down the career path I wanted to pursue. Another consideration was the caliber of work the students were producing—once I saw the student projects that were coming out of here, I knew this was the place for me.

How has Art Center helped you grow as an artist?
The academic classes that I've taken have helped me to understand how my work can affect an audience. I am exploring the psychology of certain images, and how I can use this information to communicate my stories visually.

Has your view of the role of art and design changed since coming to Art Center?
It never occurred to me that many environmental problems can be solved through ecologically responsible design. It is something Art Center stresses, and it should definitely be on the mind of every artist and designer.

What has surprised you the most during your time here?
No matter what time of day or night, there are always people busy at work and even some sleeping on campus after a late night of working. I think it is a testament to the caliber of students here, and it inspires me to keep on truckin' with my own work.

Describe a memorable project that you have worked on recently.
The class was Cinematography 3, and the assignment was to reveal objects in a frame using just one shot. I thought it would be interesting to capture a cool dance performance on video. The idea was to choreograph the camera movements of 10 to 15 dancers to match three minutes of pre-edited music. This meant I had to shoot a three-minute take with no mistakes. I ran into obstacles with lighting and shadows and most of all, blocking the dancers' movements off-camera. After about eight takes we got it right. The end result has a few minor flaws, but it came out very well overall.

What is something that people might not know about you?
Even with my heavy class load, I still work as a professional dancer and choreographer.
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