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Kelsey Dake


6th Term

What has surprised you the most during your time at Art Center?
How I have been able to grow and change visually in such a short amount of time.

Where do you find inspiration?
Almost all of my ideas come from personal experiences and interests.

What is the most challenging aspect of studying art and design in general?
Creating projects for class can be particularly challenging because unlike a term paper, if something goes sour there isn't necessarily a quick fix. It can require a good deal of creative problem solving.

What has been your greatest accomplishment so far at the College?
Having my work selected for American Illustration's annual publication last term.

What has been your favorite Art Center class or project?
It's hard to pick just one! I have had so many great classes and worked on such great projects. It seems like with each term that goes by, I create a new project or have a different class that trumps all of my favorites from the term before.

Have you found any faculty members particularly inspirational or thought provoking?
David Tillinghast and Rob Clayton have been especially memorable teachers for me. Both have shown me how to think about things and produce work in ways I never would have imagined possible.

Dake graduated from Art Center in 2010. 

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