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Karine Grigorian


How/Why did you choose Art Center?
I took a couple of Saturday High classes and fell in love with the atmosphere and being inspired by other studentsí work. Its reputation basically preceded itself.

What was your background prior to Art Center?
I graduated from the Los Angeles Film School in 2006 and worked on sets as a set dresser for about three years. Then I moved into domestic/international distribution and post production for the production company The Asylum (umm Sharknado? Yea those guys)

In what ways has Art Center helped you grow as an artist/designer?
Being able to trust my choices and myself as a creative. Understanding what works, what doesnít and becoming the most critical person Iíve ever been!

How has Art Center changed your worldview and/or creative sensibility?
This really comes from my critical practice class, first term with Pauline Sanchez. Since taking the class Iíve completely changed the way I view the art/visual world in that I am very careful how I express myself through art and the kind of discussions I have about it.

What advice would you give to prospective Art Center students?
Know what you want to do. I really donít think this is a school for students still trying to find their footing and find their way. The time spent here may seem long but itís so short compared to your lifelong career, so spend as much time as you can on your growth as an artist. And be inspired by all the students around you. Also the whole all-nighter business is b.s. Organize or die!

What resources at Art Center have been most valuable to your growth as an artist/designer?
The teachers. Thatís what theyíre there for. Theyíre working professionals and thereís not one teacher from whom I havenít at least learned what not to do.

Who are your biggest creative influences?
Comedians. No really, Tina Fey, Woody Allen, every funny person on twitter and every great creative director/art director in the game right now. If Iím stressed and stuffed up thereís no way I can filter any creative thought running through my mind. I need to have fun and let go.

Tell us something about yourself people might find surprising?
Iím the least serious person in the world. When it comes time to work I get it done but I donít think thereís anything that should ever be taken that seriously. Laugh, itís good for you.

What kinds of mentorship relationships have you formed with faculty or internship supervisors?
The faculty and resources are one of the greatest benefits of attending this school. I understand that there are several people that I can go to if I need any type of design, career or personal advice.

Whatís the role of a design career in the 21st Century?
Responsible design. With the advent of online learning anyone can photoshop, shoot, edit or draw. But itíll be important to really understand what it is youíre designing for and for whom. Itís a curse and a blessing.

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