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Jacob Emmert

Product Design

7th Term

Why did you choose Art Center?
I think that what makes Art Center so special is that it has a higher standard and vision than other places. The College produces not just good designers but design leaders. Being a “good” designer is, well, good. But these days, people are amazed by the extraordinary, and just being “good” has no added value. Art Center strives push students past the realm of good, and into the world of thinking bigger. But it takes strong passion and will to step into this world.

Has coming to Art Center changed your life?
Making the choice to come to Art Center has definitely affected my life. As with any challenge, you put a lot of work into it and then reap the rewards in the end. As a seventh term Product Design student, I am at a place where my time at the school is coming to a close, yet I can recall really hard work, forming new friendships, developing professional relationships with instructors, and even exploring the beautiful region of Southern California for the first time. All of these memories will be with me for the rest of my life, and Art Center will be one of the most rewarding times I’ve ever experienced.

What has your time at Art Center been like?
When you first enter Art Center, you are challenged right away. This school is ranked number one for a reason. Your commitment and willingness to pursue art and design are most challenged during your first two terms. By keeping my eyes and ears open, and working really hard, I soon passed that phase, growing as a designer—and person—more and more every term.

What do you like about the Pasadena and L.A. area?
I’ve lived in many different places in my life, and the Pasadena/L.A. area is by far my favorite. I love that we have snowy mountains, dry desert and beautiful beaches all within two hours of each other. And the city of Pasadena is just great for college students in so many ways.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned at Art Center?
First, it’s all about communication—not just good oral and written communication skills, but how you communicate and the story you tell. Secondly, that one of the most important keys in solving a problem is knowing how to frame it correctly. And lastly, that creative innovation requires breaking rules and thinking like a child again.

Jacob Emmert graduated from Art Center in 2010.

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