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Inae Song

Interaction Design

Why did you choose Art Center?
The crucial reason I chose Art Center was for its new major, Interaction Design, which I believe is the perfect study for the future of design. Only a few schools have interaction design as an undergraduate major and I decided to come here because Art Center is a most well-reputed school for design curriculums.

Describe a memorable project, from conception to ideation to production.
My first project at Art Center was a great introduction to the overall study of interaction design and on how to collaborate with colleagues. In Interaction Design 1, all the students worked together to make an application for Art Center's Orientation Week. From campus way-finding to getting proper information over orientation week, we found many inefficiencies and many ways in which students were not satisfied with their experience. Based on our research and interviews, we made an application that includes both practical and entertaining functions.

What resources at Art Center have been most valuable to your growth as a designer?
Art Center has abundant resources in its library and there are passionate and professional librarians there who help students find proper sources and teach them how to do research for design process. As I am a art and design student who is sensitive to trends and need incessant inspirations, the library has been most valuable to me.

What do you hope to do when you leave Art Center?
As interaction design has a wide range of applications, I do not want to just stick to Web or application design, which are typical interaction design mediums. I want to study more about applying concepts of interaction design to spaces for making specific embedded interfaces in architecture or interiors.

What are some of the most valuable practical tools and skills you’ve acquired here?
I've realized the importance of communicating design ideas without developing an actual product. As we are not developers, we definitely have limitation in programming or technical skills. Moreover, we also create design concepts which include a lot of technology but that are still at the first stage of development. Therefore, we need a more effective way to communicate ideas without spending a lot of time programing. Also, most importantly, I'm learning the tools for making prototypes of applications and simulating systems, which has helped me be clear about the design process and has saved me a lot of time.

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