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Christopher Marion Thomas


2nd Term

Why did you choose to attend Art Center?
Because Art Center's history stands head-and-shoulders above other art and design colleges. The names associated with Art Center are a veritable Who's Who of excellence and creativity.

I desire to be an artist of excellence, and Art Center has a history of producing them. That's why I'm here.

What has been your favorite Art Center experience?
Experiencing the genuine care and love that I have felt through interacting with staff, faculty and fellow students. There are some very special people at Art Center, and working with them makes Art Center feel like home.

Where do you find inspiration?
The Bible, faith, my family, music, history, current events, reading, film, art history, beauty, nature, harmony, love, typography, design and the lives of those who I meet. Inspiration for me comes from everywhere, and when it comes it is a beautiful thing.

Tell us something about yourself that some might find surprising.
There are three things about me that even I think are special. I rode a bike from California to Florida the summer of my junior year in high school. I am the youngest artist ever purchased into the Hallmark Cards corporate fine art collection.

That same year, 1992, Andy Warhol, James Rosenquist, Debra Butterfield and many other world-famous artists were purchased as well, so I feel it is a major achievement.

Also, I paint with my fingers. Like a child finger painting, I literally rub the paint onto the surface of my panels.

What do you hope to accomplish through your work?
I hope to elevate Christian art from a state of mere sentimentality and into an expression of transformative visual praise.

I desire that my art, as well as my life, be pleasing to God. I want to create for an audience of one, yet bless all of the world in the process.

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