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Andrew Kapamajian


2nd Term

In what ways has Art Center helped you grow as an artist and designer?
I'm much more aware of and sensitive to the details of design—and believe me, good design is ALL about details.

What has surprised you the most during your time at Art Center?
How creative everyone here is. You come to Art Center thinking you have the most unique ideas, then you go to class and find at least three or four others there with the same idea. It's frustrating, but it pushes you to think harder.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned so far at Art Center?
You will not get better if you don't put in the time. Also, never stop thinking and observing your surroundings.

Describe a memorable project and the creative process involved, from conception to ideation to production.
For Design 1, I decided to make the theme of my final project (which was to create a notebook) a vinyl record. Before beginning, I had to decide the most creative and practical way to not only layout the pages, but to also construct the book. I decided to make my pages circular to resemble actual records, and designed the text and images in a radial fashion. Then, rather than binding the book, I made a mock record player for the book to be placed on. It would be read by spinning.

Tell us something about yourself that people might find surprising.
Before Art Center, I wanted to be a rock star. Seriously! (Secretly, I still have hopes for that, but don't tell anyone).

What has been your greatest accomplishment so far at the College?
Explaining the big bang theory using peanut butter and jelly. Search “pb and j-matter” on YouTube.

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