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Alexandra Noel

Grad Art

Biggest creative challenge/breakthrough you’ve faced while at Art Center?
Realizing that my thesis statement will primarily be a fictional writing piece.

Describe your most gratifying collaboration with a faculty member or another student?
The most gratifying collaboration I have had was an independent study with Bruce Hainley. The course grew out of a conversation centered on the ideas of autobiography and fiction in the context of art. Our topics of discussion ranged from Jean Rhys novels to the television show “Girls”. Much of my own thesis work and creative writing practice developed significantly during this time.

What are your most reliable and/or unlikely sources of inspiration?
Driving in LA. It can be one of the most alienating, frustrating and extremely gratifying experiences in both a contemplative and visual sense.

What resources at Art Center have been most valuable to your growth as an artist/designer?
The critiques and meetings with the faculty and fellow graduate students have been my most valuable resources.

What do you do with your downtime in Pasadena and Greater LA?
A notable detail about LA is the accessibility to numerous gallery spaces, an extremely diverse assortment of food and some really great bookstores.  

What do you hope to do when you leave Art Center?
I would like to try out several modes of art aside from my current practice of photography and painting, including film production and various forms of writing.

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